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Elder Care News and Press

Take As Prescribed: MVP's Medication Quiz

Many adults do not take medication as prescribed. How much do you know about taking medication properly?

1. How many Americans fail to take any or all of their prescription medications?

a. One-fourth

b. Two-thirds

2. Medication compliance is a medical term that means:

a. Understanding why your doctor prescribed the medication and how and when you are supposed to take it.

b. Taking medication exactly as prescribed

c. Following the recommendations regarding food, drinks and other medicines or activities while taking the medication

d. All of the above

3. What measures can you take to assure that you will get the most out of the medication you are prescribed?

a. Discuss your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist and ask questions.

b. Use memory aides (reminders) to prompt yourself to take your drugs.

c. Don't quit taking a prescription without talking with your physician or pharmacist.

d. All of the above



1. b. Two-thirds of Americans fail to take any or all of their prescription medications. Some other statistics include: 12 percent don't fill their precriptions at all and another 12 percent don't take the medication at all after they buy the prescription. Almost 29 percent stop taking their medicine before it runs out. It is dangerous not to take prescribed medications. Ten percent of all hospitalizations are the result of failing to take prescription medications correctly.

2. d. The answer is all of the above. Compliance is a medical term that doctors, pharmacists and nurses use when talking about a patient's adherance with all aspects of a treatment planincluding medications, diet, exercise and follow-up care. In everyday language, compliance means that you are following the doctor's recommendations and taking medications correctly. Non-compliance can place your health at risk.

3. d. The answer is all of the above. If you find a drug is difficult to take or is causing unpleasant side effects, let your doctor know. There may be another drug or dosage to treat your condition or symptoms. Don't stop taking a medication without talking with your doctor or pharmacist.

If you don't take your medication correctly, it can't help you.

Home Health Tips

Medication Misuse A Real Threat To Seniors

Fact: According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, approximately 28% of all hospital admissions for those over 65 are caused by medication non-compliance.

Fact: Nearly one half of the 2 billion dispensed prescriptions each year are not taken correctly... leading to serious health issues.

As you can see, misuse of medication by the elderly is a real problem.

And, it's now a leading cause of accidental death in seniors. 125,000 people die every year — twice the number of people killed in car accidents.

Sad, but true.

How To Protect Your Loved One

Unfortunately, most of us are not equipped to safeguard against the many hazards of medication non-compliance by a loved one.

After all, you have many other responsibilities in your life. It's not easy.

But, armed with the right information and resources, you can ensure your loved one is safe and sound. more »

Falls Leading Cause of Decline In Seniors

At our agency we hear it all the time from concerned children...

“My Dad fell again, but he refuses to accept any help...”

Learn why accepting “no” from a parent who has fallen one or more times is a high risk situation. more »


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